BBC project

Within my first week of being at University, we were asked to create an Ident for BBC Northern Ireland. The brief required us to make the Ident convey an element of Northern Irish culture within 10 seconds-our animation had to either fit into the shape of BBC’s logo or display it in some fashion. The original ident is displayed below.


We were placed into groups of four which consisted of one final year student, one second year, and two first years; this allowed us to use techniques of a higher technical skill whilst implementing our ideas.

After much deliberation, research and exploration into Southern Irish and Northern Irish folklore (the story of Finn McCool and the causeway, and selkies (a mermaid/seal-like creature )), we originally felt like our animation should take place by the ocean. This would reflect the scenery within Belfast and also landmarks in the surrounding areas. One of the reference images in which we used for initial ideas can be seen below, alongside my sketch and interpretation of my own selkie and ideas for the surroundings. At this point we’d also established we’d like to work in a quirky, cute style.ident-work-2selkie

Whilst we enjoyed the concept of the selkie, we felt like it’s significance might be lost to the audience due to it’s rarity within Northern Irish culture. To rectify this, we decided to think more thoroughly about our time slot. We focused on another concept we’d also considered based around nocturnal animals which would be quite active around our 3am time slot. One of my initial sketches for our ident can be seen below. Within this sketch, I wanted to convey the warmth, and calm whilst being at home during this time of night. ident-workIn order to develop this idea, our group agreed upon combining traditional methods of drawing with digital: this was due to the fact I couldn’t draw digitally or know how to animate to any extent. 14466229_1124742914268221_720107068_o14466314_1124982460910933_692861192_o

Above are the images I created using water colour and gouache. The first of which was used as a texture for our ground, the second to show the bundle of animals sleeping. All of the cavern which is visible in our animation was completed my me.

Below is our final product.




Puffin Rock (2015)
We took get influence in terms of aesthetic with this animated series.



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