Create a world-Initial response

Since starting our ‘Create a world’ task, my team and I have came quite a long way. After initially brain storming different concepts, having several group discussions, and also individual work, we’ve accumulated 160 finalised ideas.

Whilst other individuals focused on the geographical setting of the world, I found the task easier whilst considering the inhabitants first. For example, after I was designated to develop the idea ‘Jesus and Satan swap’, (a religious take on the reality TV show ‘Wife Swap’), I found that I was altering the nature of the characters initially before altering the actual world itself. This development lead me to steer away from the religious nature of the characters and exchange them for characters who personified good and evil; furthermore, allowing me to consider the environment of the world best suited for these beings.

Additionally, whilst considering this one example, (which happens to be one of my favourites) I considered how I could possibly abstract it to make the idea more unique and less humanoid/generic in it’s design. Although I was steering away from blunt religious references within this world, I felt that creation stories from different religions may help benefit, and push this idea forward. For example, the idea of ‘Good’ versus ‘Evil’ could be purely symbolic in the form of Light and Dark; reflecting, through colours, shape, actions things people within our reality usually associate with these values.

Currently, my group and I hope to finalise five separate ideas from all of our favourites. Whilst doing so, we hope to at least sample different concepts within each others.



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