Tonal week

After being reassigned to another group for our ‘Build a World’ project last week, we were asked to create work whilst focusing on tonality. The previous group assigned to this specific world had based their universe within the ‘Bermuda Triangle’.

Before delving into this specific task, the concept work that had been passed down to us was key in imaging the how light and shadow worked within this specific world; the tonality in the characters gave us insight to the environments in which we had to create. Throughout this portion of the unit, myself and other members of the group became consciously aware of the tribal and ritualistic life style on the island that was passed down to us and this influenced us to create a darker, more naturally lit world, which quite frequently happened to be cast into shadow due to plant life surrounding the area and inhabitants. Below are some of the images that I found most interesting for the designs that I initially had for the island.

Based on an old design from a previous team member named Darcy, I thought that I’d play with her drawing of the totem pole god that she had created, and I’d try to set a mood for the characters living on the island. I wasn’t happy with the end result of the drawings that I had created as I felt that they were quite clumsy and did not convey tone adequately . I hope to rework some of these designs with charcoal or some other form of quick media. Below are some of these pencil designs.

Finally, after being unhappy with the quality of work I had produced, I wanted to resort back to colour in order to get a grasp myself, and to help convey the image I had in my mind for this world. Although I feel like I have a grasp of tonality (especially when working with photographs), I was very consciously aware that my pencil work did not reflect my ability and did not appropriately answer the request of the task.

After displaying my work, I had been advised to filter my coloured work into black and white, then notice the tonality in which I had used. This is displayed in the images above. As I am still currently a member of this group, I hope to create some more tonal studies whilst using photographic references,and examine film noire and colour theory. I hope that by doing this and being more concise in my practice, I will be able to bring the best out of my own ability and contribute more to my team.


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