Colour week-Photo shop

As it’s only a matter of time before I’ll have to know how to draw digitally, I thought I would take it upon myself to experiment with photo shop for my coloured work. Since our world is supposed to be quite ritualistic and tribal, I decided to research about different cultures and cultural events; this lead me to the ‘Goroka Show’. This event takes place in Papua New Guinea and involves around one hundred tribes sharing their music, dance and culture. What drew me to this event was the way in which the natives dressed (e.g. their body paint,use of feathers, use of garments), and the tribal way in which they celebrated.


When I found my way onto photo shop, my intentions were to simply make an easy colour study of a local celebrating the event. There was a large variety of colour in the clothes that he wore and I thought that this would be beneficial in how I may add colour to our world.



For my next set of digital drawings I plan on spending more time to add more relevant visual information for our world. Within this particular drawing, I used four separate layers: one for the general outline, one for filling in a large amount of colour, another for filling in several different shades of colour, and finally another for adding some simple highlights.


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