Colour week- Photo shop part 2

Since making my first digital colour study for the project, I’ve continued to make several more with specific relevance our world. To do this, I found more photos of jungles and tree houses; I wanted to focus on the habitats of the characters. Additionally, I created a coloured study of the characters surrounding a fire; a response to my previous conceptual fire/ ritual design.


Here is the digital study I created as a habitat for our creatures. As the characters lived on a deserted island, I thought it would be interesting to give them an unconventional living space. Similarly to inhabitants of humid/ jungle based areas, I suspended the living area in the air; I thought this might convey the creatures relationship with nature more so than it otherwise would have. The use of lighting within in and around the houses was used to convey  mystical/magical tone within the world; serving relevance to the magical, mysterious nature of the Bermuda triangle.

When creating the digital work that I have, my knowledge for the medium has come from other students and their tips from how they do their own work, but also my knowledge of painting, and how I may have created the work if it weren’t on a digital format.


This piece of work was completed before the previous displayed image. I felt that it was necessary to create this drawing to explore methods I would have otherwise used through traditional mediums. Rather than using silhouette like the original fire based painting I created, I wanted to incorporate the actual characters themselves. This allowed for me to see whether the particular style/ colour schemed works, but also whether it served relevance.


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