Painting on photo shop

Whilst I feel that I’m steadily making progress in terms of my digital work, there are still several factors that I’m consciously aware that I need to fix. One of these things, is my colour blending. Up until now, I’ve been taking a very impressionistic approach toward digital painting; partly because I like that particular style, but also because I don’t know how to digitally paint any other way. In order to correct this issue, I decided to search for beginner tutorials on painting threw photo-shop. The particular tutorial I used was named ‘PART 1: Painting in Photoshop CS6 for BEGINNERS by Katherine Rose Barber’ or alternatively, here is the link:

This particular tutorial emphasised the importance of layers, the opacity level of paint, softness/ shape of brushes, and also the ways to avoid amateur mistakes when blending. The most notable piece of information for me was how the artist used a full opacity background colour, then how she proceeded to build colour on the following layers using an opacity of 14%. After the artist did this, she used a colour sample tool to find the colours she intended to blend with, then proceeded back to her brush to do this. Whilst carrying out all of these techniques, the artist used a medium-small sized, soft brush.

In order to fully appreciate this new information, I found a particular artist’s work that I thought would serve most relevance to this task, and I planned to try and create a simplified recreation of it. A digital drawing named ‘ Sundown’ by Deviant art artist, ‘Radisson Claire’, was what I decided to use. Since I was learning to work with colour, and tone, but I also wanted the use the image as a reference for mist within our ‘ Make a world project’, I believed it would be the best reference. Below is the artist’s work.


Below is the work I created on Photo Shop based on this specific piece of work. sunset

I wasn’t striving for accuracy in terms of colour or form, what I intended was to basically mimic the way in which the original artist had blended their own work. Whilst I’m aware I have much to develop in terms of my digital skills, I’m quite happy with the outcome. I’ll continue to use the techniques that I learned whilst watching the blending tutorial. Additionally, as a point of reference to convey how my skills have developed in photo shop from being quite impressionistic, below is an image I created around a week ago.



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