Photography: Perspective

Over the Halloween period we stepped aside from our usual group work and were tasked with taking photos for a photography project. All photos had to fall under one of six categories: perspective, colour, texture, depth of field, tonality and scale.

In order to fully manipulate this task, I thought thought it would be best to research other work and ideas. This brought me to such sites as “” and “”. What attracted me to these sites specifically was their focus on perspective, more specifically, forced perspective. This is the use of illusion to trick the viewer into believing the subject is doing a particular action, whilst the action in question would frequently be impossible e.g. light orbs floating out of a subjects mouth like bubbles.
forced-perspective-1Here is one of my favourite examples of Forced perspective photography that I found at “”. The photographer was not listed on the site.


Here is another example of forced perspective photography from the same site. From the research that I’ve accumulated of forced perspective, hands seem to be one of the simplest tools used to manipulate the viewer. This specific photo was taken by Ashley Adkins and I feel like this type of perspective photo greatly influenced my work due to it’s simplicity and effectiveness.





Above are a couple of images that I experimented with for this section. For these in particular, I wanted to first; manipulate the size of the ornament I have in my home to look larger and in the second; manipulate the size of the ornament to appear smaller. I found this particular exercise interesting as I was able to force the viewer to believe an object was significantly larger, or smaller than it truly was.

15146713_1173135829428929_893978384_oAgain, experimenting with techniques I discovered through these particular sites, I asked a close friend to hold their hand in a particular position as if they were grasping a tree. Whilst it is physically impossible to fully grasp the trunk of a tree, I found this technique particularly amusing and effective.15146648_1173135472762298_568538129_o

This is one of the photos that I decided to keep as one of my final selection. I love the use of light in both photography and traditional methods of visual art, so I wanted to snap a photo using this method of forced perspective. Whilst I’ve covered a lamp with an old, dirty jar, it appears that I’ve holding a jar containing an orb of light. This type of photography allows for the illusion of magic.

Whilst I’ve accumulated a large selection photographs for this section, I hope to create more based on the ideas that I had original mind mapped as part of my initial preparation. Some of these ideas included: holding a paint brush to different landscapes to give the illusion of a painter, toys being used to act out human-like scenarios, and using nature to suggest the human subject are significantly smaller than which they are.


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