Animatic Part One

Starting from Tuesday 8th of November, our groups were reassigned in order to create an animatic. The specification of this task was that the animatic should be 30 seconds long, and also in colour. The world I was introduced to was a world I had worked on in the past; a post apocalyptic universe in which mother nature had transformed deceased humans into creatures of nature, and transformed their souls into a shadow form.

Since the previous weeks task was to create colour studies for their worlds, we’d inherited their worlds colour scheme; this made our task easier in terms of illustrating background and characters. Alongside the colour work in which we were provided,the previous teams had gradually accumulated multiple concept drawings, this suggested to us the events which may have been taking place in the universe and also how each group of characters may behave.

15126015_1173193039423208_1436069369_o15134079_1173193002756545_392271227_oAbove are some of the colour studies in which the previous group who worked on this project created. With studies such as these, we were given some perspective as to what the general construct of the world was. One of the key characteristics of the scenery that we liked was the cavern; after we’d seen this for the first time we felt that it’s menacing presence could be manipulated to form some sort of plot for our animatic.

Additionally to the scenery in which we’d been provided for the world, one other key inspiration for our animatic was the character designs we’d been handed down. The characters which were humans whom had transformed into tree creatures, seemed to have so much personality already from their rounded forms. ¬†Furthermore, the powers in which they inhibited to glow developed our ideas process significantly. After interpreting this information that had both been recorded through drawing and annotation, a fellow group member suggested a narrative in which one of these circular creatures bounded off from their group in the middle of the night to explore; an idea in which our entire team jumped upon.


In order to develop our animatics narrative, my group and I created several thumb nails to explore different frames of motion for our characters and their actions. Whilst doing so, we also made a written mind map to express any additional thoughts we felt were relevant. From this exercise, we were able to establish that the character in which we were focusing was a baby in herd of glowing tree creatures, and that he had wondered away from his herd in the middle of the night. We suggested several different motivations for the character doing this such as: going to the toilet, or being guided to a particular place by a mystical force.


A painting from the previous group earned great significance in terms of aesthetic in our animatic. In this piece of work, we were most interested in the hub of balls; this was annotated to explain that the tree creatures huddle in this way at night to ward off the shadow creatures (their enemies and the antagonists of this particular world). From this image, we’d decided that our creature would initially roll out of the pile (in a ball form), fall on his face, then stand in his normal standing position. At this stage, we were still deciding amongst ourselves whether the character would be sleeping walking whilst carrying out these actions, or awake and naive.


In order to properly understand the style in which these concept drawings were created, I took it upon myself to paint one using the medium in which my group and I had all decided we wanted to use to create our animatic (this work is displayed above). Doing this allowed me to get a grasp of the techniques in which the artist used to create it, but also properly appreciate the colour and how it was effectively used. Also, as this painting was not originally created using a digital medium, this exercise helped me crack how I could transfer the designs in this way.


As of completing my recreation of the previous groups concept work, I laid out the colours to my group in a more simplified format so that we could all understand and agree upon the colours in which we were going to use (this is displayed above). I used the mixture of colours on the left to further exemplify how these colours would be effective, and I used the colours on the right to swatch the individual colours in which I thought we should use.


Before we branched off and started to contribute more independent and fast paced work, we stood with one another and selected which we believed were the most relevant points of our narrative, and drew them in the order we wanted. After doing so, we designated 25% of the storyboard for each team member to create a rough digital sketch to quicken the process . After we’d done this, we designated members to specialise in editing, creating the characters, and creating the backgrounds. As I was most comfortable with colour, we decided that I was responsible for colour.



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