Animatic Part three

After branching off and each member of our team creating quick digital sketches of our animatic’s story board, these sketches were sent my way and I painted the back drop digitally in Photo shop. Below are some examples of the six frames of our animatic I was designated to redraw in a digital format.

These loose drawings highlighted the basic visual structure for each frame of our animatic, paying close attention to character and distinguishing them from the back drop. These sketches enabled our group to both create character design and background at the same time with an accurate understanding of the scene.


The images above show an example of how our group worked with one another to create back drop; the sketch I was initially sent and the back drop I had created for it. As we had already discussed the colour scheme and how we wished to use the previous teams designs as references (alongside the inclusion of a blood moon), I was able to create back drops independently.

Below are some of the other back drops that I created in which I was quite happy with the outcome:david-7-colour2


Below are several different images I used as references for my back drop paintings.


And finally, after my group and I established which non-diegetic music we wished to include alongside our diegetic sound, we edited this work together in the timings we had discussed when creating our story board.

Here was our final product:


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