Animatic Part two-References

Whilst we had a lot of artistic references from the previous team in terms of character and world design for our ‘Make a World’ project, we also had some inspiration from film and TV. We showed one another our inspiration and ideas based on these sources.

My initial interpretation of our Shadow creatures based on a clip from Ghost(1990):

Our group mutually seemed to agree upon a mystical/magical tone for our animatic like that of Brave‘s (2012), especially with their similar use of light to mystify the viewer and the characters in their narrative.

Upon viewing our finalised story board, I suggested that our protagonist shared great similarities in terms of form and colour with the sandman from Rise of the Guardians (2012), and that viewing this character might develop ideas for our own character.

In order to appreciate how we mutually wanted to manipulate our camera, we decided to look at Pixar shorts, and decided that the way in which the camera panned in Boundin’ (2003) could help move along our whimsical narrative in an appropriate way. Within this clip, we noticed how the camera specifically focused on their protagonist and how it seemed to continually follow them and their actions, rarely making quick jumps to other focuses unless their conveyed significance. We also wanted to utilise Pixar’s technique of creating conflict and pathos within a narrative without creating work that was to dark in tone.


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