Pecha Kucha

A Pecha Kucha is a form of presentation in which the speaker presents 20 images and speaks of each for 20 seconds. The images are timed forcing the speaker to talk automatically. The presentation was first utilised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture in 2003. The philosophy of the presentation seemed to be that a speaker whom presented in the form of images rather than words would be able to develop more what what they were trying to say rather than digressing.

Below are some links to a site thoroughly explanining the usefulness and description of a PechaKucha.

In order to create a PechaKucha, it seemed to be solidified that all presentations should be thoroughly researched previously to presenting. Initially, the presenter should find images which share great significance and practice timing their 20 pieces of information. While the point of the presentation is to allow passionate people to quickly discuss information they care about, the presentation should be thoroughly scripted with improvised little commentary. All relevant information should be graphed out beside the images as a form of planning.

After the key information has been decided upon, the actual bones of the Pecha Kucha can be created using either PowerPoint Presentation, Key Note for mac, or Prezi .Specifically within Powerpoint, the user should select their first slide, click the transitions tab, select a simple transition, select ‘after’ and type 20, then apply to all slides. After wards, the presentation should be thoroughly rehearsed.

Below is the video I watched (which also happens to be a Pecha Kucha) to help advise my presentation:




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