Tim Burton Biography





Structure for Pecha Kucha Intro:

1.Basic biographical info and Burton’s early home life:
Tim Burton is a world famous Director, born 25th August, 1958, known for his, dark, yet quirky aesthetic. “What began as an outlet for the nervous energy he felt growing up in Burbank, California,soon led to stop-motion animated films” this is how Ron Magliozzi and Jenny He described the influences of Tim Burton’s early life, and how they effected the Directors work throughout the entirety of his career.


2.Life in movies
As a child, Tim admits to feeling quite isolated and estranged. Rather than being interested in sports as his father would have liked, Tim was interested in spending his times in graveyards because of their “introspective, yet electrifying atmosphere”. Whilst being uninterested in reading, Burton always seemed to have favoured film making, even as a child in a particular class assignment, were he created a short film on Hoodini rather than reading a book about the magician.


3. Frankenweenie- Ilustrates his life
Both (2012), (1984) life action versions of Frankenweenie (1984 which subsequently got him fired from Disney) written and Directed by Burton, strongly reflect Burton’s early life. “My parents didn’t seem to mind, I don’t now, they let the television deal with me…cheap babysitting really” Whilst more subtly making personal links within his other films, this set of work by Burton exposes some of Burton’s early life, including his relationships with his parents, and the grief in which he felt after losing the pet dog in which Sparky (Frankenweenie) is based on.


4. Early Influences
Growing up, Burton has explained that there never seemed to be much of a filter on what he could and couldn’t watch, so he’d frequently visit his local, run down movie theatre, and watch films featuring his favourite star ‘Vincent Price’ (who he would later collaborate with), in such movies as ‘The House of Wax’ and, ‘The Fall of the House of the Usher’. Additionally, he greatly favoured the horror Genre, Mexican Horror, the Godzilla movies and Director, Roger Corman.


5. Whilst trying to grow as an artist, Burton would frequently try and emulate other famous artists work, to the extent in which he was a children’s book written and illustrated by himself was turned down by Disney due to it’s similarities to Dr Seuss. Additionally to arts like Suess, Burton also took inspiration from others such as Illustrator, Henry Syverson, Cultural cartoonist, Angelo Torres, Mordant adult cartoonist, Gahan Wilson, Animater,Chuck Jones, Painter, Gustave Courbet, Painter, painter, Van Gogh, Francisco Goya, and Painter, Robert Williams



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