Build a world revisited

Whilst looking at my first assignments work, I realised how many concept ideas had never been illustrated by anyone within the group as we were quickly moved into new team for our project. To change this, I decided to go back and explore different worlds in which I found most interesting and try to bring them to life; this aimed my attention toward the ‘Light versus Evil’ world.

I had originally came up with this particular concept for our assignment but I had quickly forgotten about the idea whilst carrying on with other work. The world I had imaged was micro-cosmic and was the personification of light and dark/ good and evil. I had originally suggested for it to be based within a hospital; a place of hope, but also despair.

To further develop this idea, I decided to research mental illness to maybe try and illustrate the mind of some suffering within hospital, but after further researching terminal illness, and how many people can spend their last days in hospital, I decided to turn my attention more so to this concept. With the help of the Health talk website, and the accounts in which it shared about careers and how they felt about loved ones feeling comfortable whilst being in hospital, I felt that I was able to get a better grasp of the tone that could be set by a piece of art, illustrating these emotions.

Below are some of my photo references in which I used to guide me in more accurately representing the ideas in my mind.

The photos in which I sought out as references were not only set within a 21st century hospital setting, but also of heaven-like environment; whilst I did not necessarily want the concept to be religiously themed, I felt that the imagery of heaven would help personify light, and the good the it represents. Additionally, due to the imagery of heaven and brightness, I felt that seeking the reference of artists such as Michelangelo, and his famous paintings would be of significant use.

I found the above photos of significant use whilst creating my concepts studies due to their focus on colour; Michelangelo had a very subtle, elegant way of working with colour due his renaissance era work. I specifically liked the way in which he represented yellow/ golden tones.

To even further appreciate the qualities of the artist’s paintings, I decided to make a very basic study of one of my favourite paintings of his, whilst using Photoshop.


The above image displays the work I created in order to appreciate the iconic artist. This piece of work pushed me onward to create designs for the world with similar colour palette; specifically within a character I had created for the world.Below is my outcome from this influence.

This image seems to have accumulated from both my contextual artist link, but also the other work that I had found on line illustrating heavenly figures. Whilst this is the case, I still managed to utilise my own artistic style to the design.

Below are to pencil studies (in 6B pencil) that I created for the project. For the first study, I was trying to capture the view of the ‘Good’ force within my world. I thought that they could maybe live within the hospital light above the patients bed, watching over and protecting them. This is the perspective I’d imagined for them to have. The second illustrates how I’d image the ‘Good’ force would manifest itself; in the form of orbs. Whilst the orbs were present, I thought that the patient may feel more relaxed and hopeful (symbolic of hope).

Additionally, below are some colour studies I created in aid of this section of the project; I paid most of my focus on natural (or the mimicking of) natural light.


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