As I’d never used Maya before this semester, I found it quite difficult. To help with any difficulties I may have faced, I watched a tutorial online which guided the veiwer on making a plane. I felt that this helped improve my understanding of Maya significantly, and will most certainly guide me in future projects. The video illustrted how to go from a basic polygon to an object; through a series of extrusions, and smoothing. Below are the rendered images of my final products.


Below is the video tutorial in which I used to guide this process.

Whilst this tutorial proved to be of significant use to, I could not find the texture in which the tutor in the tutorial used. This lead me to use one of Maya own metallic textures-I felt that this texture was just as effective. Below is the video in which I used to understand textures and how to use them.

Whilst the above video follows more intricate steps than was necessary for my rocket, it still proved to be of significant use due to how informative it was in helping me create texture within Maya-something I hadn’t known how to do before.

Whilst the rocket in which I had made proved to be my favourite creation within the Maya software, one of the first things I was asked to make was a piece of furniture within my home. This tasked proved to be quit difficult despite it’s simplicity. Whilst with the rocket I made continuous extrusions until a point in which I could smooth my object, with my furniture task I made extrusions within different sections of separated polygons; I made introduced more rectangular polygons. Below are the rendered images of this task.

Finally, another peice of work in which I had been working on was the figure of a teddy bear in which I owned. Unlike the other objects in which I’d made, this project was made almost entirely of sphere polygons in which I had produced one at a time to build the form of the monkey toy. Below are the rendered images of this project.

As the object is robotic and is held in a position in which it is slightly sloping forward, I found difficulty in properly mimicking this.

In conclusion, I feel that one of the most challenging parts of creating within Maya would be the diversity of it’s updates and user interfaces; this meant that whilst watching tutorials for the software, I occasionally ran into difficulty whilst discovering how to complete an action on the 2016 version.


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