Artists and style

I felt that I needed some type of adjustment stylistically with quite a lot of my work i.e. I didn’t feel that particular studies were suitable for tasks in which I’d been given. On top of artists previously mentioned within my blog, I felt that it was also necessary to read and study book such as ‘The Amazing World of M.C. Escher’ written by National Galleries of Scotland, and also ‘French Impressionists’ byFitzilliamson Museum. These particular books opened my eyes to new way of conveying both colour and tone. Despite already having  thorough interest for french impressionism, I felt that it was necessary to recap on some visual studies.

Initially, I decided to study Escher’s work. I felt that this would be useful due to his strong focus on tonal value and the pencil-like materials in which he’d used. Additionally, Escher’s focus on perspective served particular use for particular studies I had created afterwards. But first to come to grips with the techniques in the artist used, I decided to mimic one of his famous pieces of art ‘Hand with Reflecting sphere’ (1935). This image can be viewed below.

Below is my rendition of the famous artists work. I used a 6B graphite pencil for the drawing. I truly that this made a significant impact within my work; especially whilst recreating some of my ‘Build a World’ section of my project.


Additionally, I found the previously mentioned book on impressionism to be of great use whilst creating my work; especially within my re-imagined colour work. Whilst impressionists at the time would have used oil paint, I decided to use watercolour as quite liked the appearance (even though I initially used watercolour as a wash and was planning to paint over it with a different medium. Whilst creating my small colour studies, I also used photo references of jungles and tree houses; this was to convey the habitat of the creatures within the world in which I was designing. Below are my impressionistic studies, and their references. Whilst using water colour for this task, I lay water on quite thick to my water colour paper and gradually introduced my colour from lightest to darkest.



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