Clinton Crumpler

Clinton Crumpler

Clinton Crumpler is a senior environment artist at Microsoft  Studios. Whilst previously working as an artist for companies such as KIXEYE, Army Game Studio, Bethesda’s Battle cry studios, and other Indie studios, his main focus is environment art, shader development, and art direction. Additionally, he has also provided several online tutorials, web classes (in collaboration with CG Master Academy and Digital Tudors), and articles.

His education includes a Masters of Fine Art in Interactive and Game Design, and Bachelors of Fine Art in Graphic Design at Longwood University.

Below are a list of some of Crumpler’s publicly announced projects:

Gears of War 4
Gears of War 4: DLC
Last Year
Robo Recall
Hide and Shriek
The Park
World War Machine
Go Army Edge: Football
America’s Army: Proving Grounds
Heavy Gear Assault
Digital tutors: Creating Rock Structures for games in zbrush and unreal engine
Digital Tutors: Real-Time Environment Materials and Textures in UDK
Digital Tutors: Creating game-ready chains, Ropes, and Vines in Maya and UDK

Material Focus:

Quixel Suite 2.0 (Ddo, Ndo)
Substance Painter
Topogun, Neix, Knald
Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
UE4, UDK, Cryengine
Perforce, Jira, Hansoft, Trello
Mightbake, xNormal

Below is a quotation on how Crumpler described his role within his work on Gears of War 4: Swarm:

‘My primary roles were creation of all the materials, meshes, textures, and some effects for the pods, tendrils, skins, decals, goo, and crystals. I also worked with other teams to establish spline setup, blueprint creation and usage, bio-luminescent lighting, explosion effects, and other aspects of swarm integration and look development for the game’ 

The images below show Crumpler’s  work for this particular project. I found that with these particular pieces I quite liked the way in which Crumpler had made the creatures glisten with a reflective surface. Additionally, I quite liked how detailed the artist had managed to make a landscape containing this particular creature; the large space in which it inhabited appeared huge, conveying the size of the antagonist.

This image below shows work Crumpler created for Digital Tutors DT: Stylized Texturing

This tutorial shows how to make a vintage texture in Photoshop and Maya. As I’m quite interested in the vintage aesthetic, this work is some of my favourite by Crumpler.

Below is a link to the artists Website:




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