Initial Concept Ideas

Initial Concept Ideas

I feel that my initial ideas for the floating city changed significantly with the introduction of new information from research, but also the shared thoughts and concepts within my team. My very first idea explored the floating city as a mass of land which was essentially a scaled down globe with buildings that were scaled quite largely; this gave the concept quite a comical, cartoon style. Here are images of this concept below.

As you can see, from the start my team and I were very interested in the use of bridges within the city and how they could possibly connect to small sections of land and/or other buildings. The first sketch was actually created after the second.My modifications to the city were dispersing the buildings more organically around the mass but also make the mass less spherical.

Lauren concept 4
Artist: Lauren Bell

This drawing was a developed concept of the drawing below.Within this drawing, I decided to add more foliage and swamp ground; this was to make the city appear more natural and elegant, but also to convey how Venice had been built on top of swamp ground. Similarly to my drawing below, this sketch also made use of real-life references of buildings in Venice.

Lauren concept 2Artist: Lauren Bell

The concept above shows my initial thought of including a river which would pose as The Grand Canal; this is one of the most popular tourist attractions within Venice but also one of the most identifiable visual qualities of the city. Unlike The Grand Canal, I wanted to make a division conveying the main stream of the Grand Canal, and the area around it; I changed this idea in later concepts as I disliked how crude it looked, but also because Venice is totally surrounded by water and transitioning between buildings requires a gondola due to this, there for, there would be no solid land between buildings. Additionally, I decided to include cupids in the sky due to the religious imagery found within Venice’s art; the use of clouds stuck in our final work as an homage to this.

floating city concept
Artist: Lauren Bell

Initial Concept Exploration

Below are some images of the initial work I created within Maya; this work is directly based of the above concept sketches.

Artist: Lauren Bell

The above image is a close up of the image below. Like my concept sketches, my idea here was to create buildings loosely based of real buildings in Venice. The building in the centre shows my first attempt at creating windows; I added divisions to the object, whilst also individually cutting the triangular edges with a cutting tool.

practice world
Artist: Lauren Bell

The above image shows the full frontal view of my work.To initially create the buildings, I selected faces on a polygon primitive sphere, and extruded them. After that point, I simply extruded the other details of the buildings.

My Interpretive Concepts

Whilst my team and I all seemed to have common ground in terms of a final outcome, I felt like a differed some what in my interpretation. I considered a renaissance styled final outcome; this meant that we may possibly attach textures of paintings/ painting style details and/or based our imagery of imagery within this era of art. Below is an image that I draw in pro markers exploring artistic style/ use of colour within Titian’s art (An artist within Venice during the Renaissance era.

Final concept sketch two
Artist: Lauren Bell

Above drawing is based on Bacchus and Ariadne by Titian (1520-1523). This was one of my favourite paintings that I found from artist’s listed in ‘Venice’ by Marion Kaminski. In particular, I quite liked the use of purples, blues and pinks (this was heavily involved in the colour scheme of our final outcome).

One idea I had in particular for this concept, was using a texture of one of the famous Venice artist’s works, and using it as a texture inside a building.

More concepts

Below is an image of one of my later concepts sketches. At this stage, my group and I had decided to exclude land completely from our final product and use water instead. At this stage we also found it crucial to include bridges, actual architecture in the city, and floating gondolas.

Lauren concept 3
Artist: Lauren Bell

Bio-shock Infinite:Columbia

Below are some images from the game ‘Bio-shock Infinite’. This game is based in a hypothetical city in the sky (Much like ours) and has a very heavenly, old-fashioned design. The characters typically wear Victorian dress and the city is quite elegant; this was of major influence in our project. Our group found it to be very necessary to look at environmental art used within a similar media to our final outcome.  Additionally, as the architecture was quite similar in style to ours, the game served as a guide to our concepts and how we’d convey Venice style buildings in a fictional future.

Bio shock infinite SkyBioshock_ColumbiaBioShockInfinite 2013-03-27 13-51-32-91


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