Final Presentation and Final Product

Over all, I’m fairly happy with my groups final outcome. Whilst not necessarily creating a densely populated real-life city, our conceptual ideas lead us to represent the city in a hypothetical future form whilst still staying true to the qualities of the beautiful city. Below are some stills of our final product.

sample 1sample 2sample 3

As you can see from the above, my models include the tower, the build at the building at the top, and the gondolas. After passing them over to my team mates, they proceeded to add materials and textures whilst including their own buildings, and adding movement and cameras.

Whilst still wanting to pay attention to the nature of water within Venice, a fellow team mate added water; the use of the gondolas and bridges also convey this quality.

Whilst using the theme ‘Elegant decay’, fellow team mates also modelled pieces of broken buildings and rock to convey the broken, archaic nature of our broken city; this was juxtaposed with our elegant buildings.

We felt that adding this particular sky paid homage to the heavenly art found in Venice, this was also our reasoning for adding this marble-like texture to our buildings.

Below are some of the sky textured we considered for our sky dome.
Progress venice 1Progress venice 2Progress venice 3sky

Below is a link to our final product:

Below is the link to our power point presentation:


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