Animated Short Initial Planning

What’s our concept idea for our short?

Our main concept idea for our animated short originates from the idea of a sentient elevator. We wanted to make a short which would be deemed relatable by fellow students; everyone experiences inconveniences whilst waiting on the elevator when going to class on a high floor. Below our some images of our team’s exploration of ideas.These ideas explore both story boarding shots/construction, but also character designs and story/genre concepts.
planning 2
The above concept explored a joke and how we may create an animatic based around this joke; an old lift would struggle to carry a fragile old woman whilst a newer lift could do so easily. The newer lift would eventually say ‘Do you even lift bro?’

Planning 3
The above thumb nails explores how our elevator might zoom past passengers as he’d be quite playful and mischievous.

Planning 4
The above explores different thumbnails of concept ideas. The images on the left side explore my idea of the elevator being disgusted by a grotesque security guard. The right hand side explores numerous different concepts including; a love story, and a continuation of the left hand side.

Planning 5
The above image illustrates our teams mind map in exploring the possibilities of genre.

Planning 6
The above image also explores genre.

Planning 7
The above image is of of our groups work in exploring possibilities of our narrative and character.
Planning 8
The above image shows our exploration in how our elevator character might think.

Planning 9
The above image explores my idea of having two characters speak within the elevator and following their conversation.

Planning 10
Above is an image of our concept ideas which did not initially focus on an elevator; this idea focuses on a thriller in which a detective is shocked to find pineapple on pizza.

Planning 11
The above image explores our groups different concepts and how we’d draw our characters.


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