Animated Short Research


In order to create more accurate Mise-en-Scene for our animation, my team and I decided to take photographs of our setting; this resulted in us taking images of our university’s elevator in several different perspectives, whilst the elevator did/didn’t have occupants, and also whilst the elevator was not on the floor in which we were ( the elevator was transparent). These images can be seen below.

As you can see, we made sure to be quite dynamic in our photo taking and took photographs from interested angles which we could use to our advantage whilst story boarding.

photo 1 - Copyphoto 2 - Copyphoto 3 - Copyphoto 4 - Copy - Copyphoto 5 - Copyphoto 6 - Copyphoto 7 - Copyphoto 8photo 9photo 10photo 11photo 12photo 13photo 14photo 15photo 16photo 17photo 18photo 19photo 20photo 21photo 22photo 23photo 24photo 25


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