Creating Our Animatic

Initial Storyboard

Before branching off and making our animatic, my team members and I discussed the key points of our animation and the key shots we should use to convey this. This final story board idea revolved around a man our elevator found to be grotesque, and how  he would attempt to enter the elevator. Our elevator would escape quickly, only to be met by the same man and an escalator repair specialist holding an ‘Out of Order’ sign. Below is the image of our story board that laid out.


Concept Character sketches

As I was responsible for drawing out character for our animatic (our team would interchange work and add different layers to create background/character at the same time) I decided to draw out some studies to insure consistency. Below are some of these designs.

The above sketch was a later developed design whilst I explored character design for a glass elevator. The section with thin lines represent glass whilst the sections uncoloured represent metal. I broadened the width to convey how our elevator may morph to be more expressive.

Above are some of the original designs I made for our elevator. Similarly to the above design, I wished for the main bulk of the lift to move and morph. I felt that the inclusion of eyes in this style helped make our character more emotive and endearing.

Gross man sharable

The above design is based on our grotesque character. As we were going to add an extreme  close up, I focused on the characters face and explored which elements may make him more disgusting.

maya ugly man
The above image is my work in progress for designing this character in Maya.

Reference Images

I found lightening Mcqueen from cars to me a major character reference due to the style of his eyes. I noticed in particular how the team at Pixar used their creative license to place the eyes in an area where eyes would not typically be drawn on a vehicle; the window. This highlighted to me how I should place the eyes were they were mot suitable; not in a place people would typically expect. 

Whilst reading the book ‘Exploring StoryBoarding’ by Tumminello, I found a character design which I quite liked being used for an example of a tilt shot. Whilst the image played with the proportions in a tilt shot and did not show the character from a front on angle, I felt that we could base our character on the proportions/style of the man in the book. This design would serve as a temporary solution until we has finalised a design. This image can be viewed below.

ugly man

Final Animatic




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