Early Semester Maya Work

Below are some of the Buoys I created in Maya at the start of semester two. All of these models were based on the buoys found outside of the university. I really feel as if this task helped with my understanding of the software; I realised when and how to use different types of polygon primitives, and when they were necessary to use.

Below I used a cylinder polygon primitive to create the shape. After changing the scale of the object, I extruded and scaled both ends individually to create the point at the top, and the blunt end at the bottom. I used another cylinder to create the stand. Furthermore, like the rest of my models I made for this particular project, I used ‘Blinn’ to add textures to my models whilst also adding their appropriate colours.

Black bouy

The image below shows my first attempt at creating the black buoy model. As I wasn’t as comfortable at modelling at this stage, there were many faults with this particular work; it was lop sided, the proportions were significantly of etc. At this stage relied too much on softening items, I’ve since learned to model things as they appear.
lumpy bouy.png

Below I used a cylinder polygon primitive to create the lower red section of the buoy, extruded and scaled this, then added sphere polygon primitive. Like my last model, I used a cylinder for the stand and used blinn to texture. Additionally, I realised I could texture individual faces so I decided to include the stripes found on this buoy. red and white bouy

The model below was probably the easiest to make as I simply just used a cylinder and scaled the top and bottom, then bevelled the end. I also used the same texture method as before whilst also including a cylinder as a stand. red bouy

Below are some images of the coffee cup that I modelled quite quickly whilst being in class. Although I’ve modelled much more different objects since, I feel as if I had a real beak through with the software whilst attempting this; I discovered how to make an entire object whilst originating from the one polygon primitive.
coffee cup 2

The Image below shows my coffee cup after I softened it; I liked how it looked but recognised it looked less like it’s original reference.coffee cup 3coffee cup

Below is the original reference photo I took myself whilst being in class.
Coffee cup reference photo


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