Final Schematic and Artefact

Below are my final results of my artefact/ schematic project surrounding Birdy.


Below is my team’s final artefact. I feel like the result was quite similar to our plans in how it followed the same symbols and how we managed to create all the necessary elements. We decided to use a baseball to represent Al and his social conformity whilst also using broken mirror to represent Al and his concerns with how others view him; both of these elements are inside the cage to show that he is caged by this. We decided to place the Bird on the outside of the cage to represent Birdy and how he isn’t tied down by the same concerns as Al. Furthermore, the moss and the bandages present Al and Birdy’s shocking awakening after experiencing Vietnam; they also juxtapose our artefacts seemingly normal items.
Artefact final

Below are some images of both our cage, our mirror (which we ended up using), and wings we considered using for our artefact.

Film Schematic

Below is our team’s final schematic. We eventually decided to separate our principal characters experiences in past and present- our secondary characters were placed either side and we grouped them into members who exist in the present time during Birdy and others who exist in the past. Additionally, we used both small writing to explain events in the film but also symbols to condense information.

Final schematic.jpg

Final Presentation

Artefact and schematic presentation


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