Animated Short Research

After facing some critique upon our tutors veiwing our animatic, it was suggested that we’d make some changes; this made me research and explore the possibility of a lift operator rather than an animated elevator. As this profession would have been more popular in the past, I felt that I need to understand what period would be most relvant; this would give me better understanding of mise-en-scene. To do this, I looked up the profession and found that the first commercial elevator was introduced on March 23rd 1857. Furthermore, the first elevator operator’s union was formed in 1917; this made me interested in looking at both decor, and fashion design for this particular time period.

Below is an image of an elevator in 1917.
lift operator

Below is an images of fashion during this time period.

fashion 2fashion 3fashion 4fashion 5

Old Hotel to base work on
Waldorf Astoria


Link to ‘Wired’: Information on elevator operators:

Link to Fashion info:

Link to hotel information:

Link to WoolWorth Building:

Link to images:


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