Drawing Hands

These drawings were based on my last life drawing task. I found ‘The Book of a Hundred Hands’ by George B. Bridgman to be of significant use whilst drawing as I was able to both emulate the artists and sketch out a variety of different gestures. I found Bridgeman’s studies of both the hands musculature and bone arrangement to be of significant use in understanding the anatomy of the hands.

Additionally, I thoroughly liked the way in which the artist drew his line art and the way in which he used lines to tone his studies; this seems highly influenced by Da Vinci’s art style.

Here are some of my sketches:

hands 1hands 2hands 3
Artist of all of the above: Lauren Bell

Additionally, we were also tasked with animating a hand in a motion of our choice; I decided to do this digitally based on two prior drawings. I used the ‘Animator’ app to do this. This GIF can be viewed below.

hand gif


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