Photoshop Research

Below are some video tutorials I watched on drawing within photo shop.

The video below encouraged me to repeatedly redraw an initial sketch until I’ve developed it to a degree in which I’m happy with it. To do this, I would play with the opacity of a layer to show the layer beneath and trace the general structure of a form.

The video below encouraged drawing outlines in brown then blending main colours with these outlines later.

I found the below tutorial of great use due to it’s mention of complimentary colours and use of blending.



As well as watching some tutorials, I decided to look at an artist known by Apofiss. A friend introduced me to this artist and what attracted me toward their work was how distinctively digital it was. Additionally, his work was quite soft and gentle in it’s nature whilst focusing on animals; the aesthetic drew me in further and made me more interested. Unfortunatly, the artist does not seem to be very well known outside of their Deviant Art page so it was rather difficult to gather substantial information on him.

Some of his work can be viewed below.

apofiss 1
Artist: Apofiss
apofiss 2
Artist: Apofiss

apofiss 3
Artist: Apofiss

apofiss 4
Artist: Apofiss

apofiss 5
Artist: Apofiss

Artist: Apofiss

Upon veiwing this artist’s work, I decided to try and emulate him with my own design; this gave me insight as to how he may create his work and how I could transfer this technique within my own work. From this, I realised that the artist probably started with a lower opacity then gradually got higher in order to highlight particular details; this gave the illusion of silkiness/ softness.  Additionally, the colours all seemed quite pale, and the artist probably used a lower opacity to highlight/glaze certain areas. Below is the drawing I produced in Photoshop for this exercise.

portfolio 4
Artist: Lauren Bell

Whilst my drawing dos not exactly look like one of Apofiss’ drawings, I feel that this exercise certainly gave me a better grasp of how to digitally draw in a softer, more subtle way.

Below is a link to Apofiss’ Deviant art page:

Tengu Ruu

I found this particular artist whilst browsing Youtube. Unlike Apofiss, Ruu is an amateur concept artist who started drawing work based on his favourite games, simply for his own enjoyment. He seems to stress particular focus on creating art work based on the game ‘Dark Souls’.

What drew me toward Ruu’s work was how  could watch how he approaches a drawing through his videos on Youtube. By simply watching these videos, I was able to appreciate how the artist would first sketch an outline, establish his main tones, then go over these tones with highlights and low lights, then he’d progressively build over this and blend his colours. Below is an example of Ruu’s art through his videos.

After watching these videos, I became inspired to create my own drawing to attempt to emulate this artist. This drawing was completed immediately after watching the artist’s videos, and without a reference. I completed this on my phone. You can see this work below.

portfolio 5
Artist: Lauren Bell

Below is a link to Ruu’s Tumblr:


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