Short Animation Studies

Here are some of the concept sketches that I have completed in the past week. These images vary from reference based drawings and others from my own imagination. Additionally, they explore different concepts my group and I have considered.

The drawings below were based on images of woman during the 1910s (I’ve mentioned this research in a previous blog). I created these studies as my group and I had suggested creating an animated short were an elevator attendant was prejudice toward one passenger whilst biased toward another of a higher class.
study 7
Artist: Lauren Bell

The image below is based on a reference photo of a prestigious building in New york during 1918. This sketch explores the accessories and furniture used during this time period so that I could then create more accurate mise-en-scene.
study 6
Artist: Lauren Bell

The image below was one of my first concept sketches of the female character I have previously mentioned.
study 2
Artist: Lauren Bell

The image below explores the character design for our elevator (main character) and how I’d draw him based on the design of an old fashioned elevator. Unlike other designs, I thought we may be able to use the ornamentation at the top as a singular eye (this may appear quite alien-like). Additionally, I explored treating bottom corners of the elevator as feet.
study 5
Artist: Lauren Bell

Below are some more developed concept sketches of our potential female character; these drawings were more informed after my research on fashion.
study 1
Artist: Lauren Bell

The sketch below was based on both my old design and a new one for our male antagonist. However, whilst being critiqued on being to mean spirited in our previous animatic, I explored our previously grotesque unlikable character, to be an endearing tramp; this would both match the time period and explore the notion of prejudice.
study 8
Artist: Lauren Bell

The image below was a study based on a reference photo of an elevator. This research was important to explore the colour of the elevator. I used Gouache to do this.
study 4
Artist: Lauren Bell

The image below was a more developed drawing of a previous sketch in my notebook. Whilst also exploring colour in this sketch, I started to make use of my newly developed characters in a dynamic pose they may appear in our animation.
study 3
Artist: Lauren Bell

The image below is a developed version of my new tramp character. I used Art flow on my Galaxy Note 4 to do this.
drawing 3
Artist: Lauren Bell

The image below was a developed drawing of my female character exploring both colour, and the new photoshop tutorials I had been watching. I completed this used Art flow on my phone.
drawing 1
Artist: Lauren Bell

Finally, the drawing below was completing using my phone also. The use of this character would avoid elevator design problems as we would be using him as a bell boy; avoiding the need for a sentient elevator.

character 1
Artist: Lauren Bell


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