Tracy Butler

A fellow classmate suggested I look at this artist for a stylistic inspiration; at this point in the project, I was very interested in looking at decor and style during 1918 and this artist’s work reflects this time period.

Tracy Butler is an American artist who’s work centres on America’s 1920’s aesthetic whilst also using humanoid animals as a reference (this is executed most in her comic Lackadaisy). As her work can seemingly only be found on Deviant art and Patreon, it’s quite difficult to find more personal information. However, the digital drawings/ paintings in which she shares provides enough information to be used as a reference point.

The painting below is one of the first I’d ever sen by the artist and encouraged me to further explore her work. This image showcases her ability to realistically depict humans but also her ability to be quite abstract. Furthermore, I very much like the contrast of red and purples and made a study of this.

Artist: Tracy Butler

Something I most like about Butler’s work, is her use of a yellow/brown toned filter to age her drawings and fit their time period; this is something I eventually implemented in my own drawing. Additionally, something I also quite liked was the way in which she bounced between different styles and techniques; her art for her comics is quite juxtaposed to the art she produces for recreation and varies between line drawings and detailed tonal work. The use of historically correct fashion for the period in which she draws also sparked my interest as I was considering doing something of a similar nature.

Also, as Butler’s work is heavily character based, I found her work of interest due to it’s variety in facial expression, movement, pose, and generally the way they all show individual character (she breaks down her process in doing this throughout her sites through real-life studies/drawing exercises etc).

Artist: Tracy Butler

Artist: Tracy Butler

Below are some more of my favourites by Butler:

Artist: Tracy Butler

Artist: Tracy Butler

Below are are some character designs in which I designed for our animated short whilst considering using a female character. I designed this shortly after discovering Butler and feel that whilst I wasn’t consciously emulating her, I was very influenced in my design. I completed this through Art Flow on my Samsung Note 4 and included a layer to filter the image.

drawing 2
Artist: Lauren Bell

drawing 1

Artist: Lauren Bell

Below is some of my work (which has not yet been completed) in which I tried to loosely emulate Butler’s style based on one of her paintings. I did this using gouache.

Artist: Lauren Bell

Below is a link to Tracey’s Deviant art:

Image links:


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