Tonal work for my animated short

To establish lighting in our scene I decided to create some tonal work. As I’ve had some issues in the past with creating tonal work, I decided to do some research into how I could improve and decided to watch the video below. This video helped me realise that I c=should draw a basic outline, apply 5 or so different tones in black and white, then I could add other tones with a lower opacity.

Below are some of the studies I created shortly after watching this video. In these drawings, I explored how to bring attention to particular sections of an space through tone. I used my Ink Flow on my Galaxy Note 4 to do this, and my drawings were influenced by another teams setting (this setting was more organic than ours so this made it easier for me). Additionally, I used a very textured brush whilst drawing; I quite liked the stylistic impact it had. I continued using this brush technique whilst also using my phone for all of the drawings featured on this post.
tone 5
Artist: Lauren Bell

tone 6
Artist:  Lauren Bell
tone 7
Artist: Lauren Bell

Below is a drawing a created to explore lighting in our scene. At this point, our animation was based during night time so I had to figure out which light sources would highlight the main action; artificial lights such as vending machines and elevators could do this, but also the light of the moon.
tone 3
Artist: Lauren Bell

The drawing below explored our scene during the day. At this point in the project, some of our vending machines still posed as antagonists so I drew them next to rubbish to emphasise their rotten personalities. Additionally, I added an extra window to the scene so that there would be more natural lighting.
tone 2
Artist: Lauren Bell

The drawing below explores the relationship of a female vending machine with a male vending machine. I drew this during a period where our team was in between ideas for our story and were making changed (we would eventually exclude an elevator character all together.
tone 1Artist: Lauren Bell

The drawing below explores a later concept in which my team would be turning our vending machines into a heart, and then making them foam as they contained mentos and Cola.
tone 8
Artist: Lauren Bell

The image below explores staging and acting; our characters in the background are grimacing upon realisation that both machines in love contain mentos and coke.
tone 9
Artist: Lauren Bell


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