Life Drawing Week 8

The drawings below were completed in class on 27-4-17. The start of this class centred on drawing our models forms whilst they were holding a box in multiple different poses. Later, we started drawing our model as the character we were considering creating; this resulted in my character appearing as a woman (I hadn’t finalised my design at this point).

Artist: Lauren Bell

Artist: Lauren Bell

Artist: Lauren Bell

Artist: Lauren Bell

Artist: Lauren Bell

Artist: Lauren Bell

The drawings below were from the point in class in which we drew our model as our character we were in the process of designing. I found this hard at the start as my character was female whilst our model was male, but I feel as if I got progressively better as the drawings went on.

The drawing directly below came from my head as a reference image for our drawing task.
Artist: Lauren Bell

The drawing below is terrifying but strongly juxtaposes with my final drawing on this blog post.
Artist: Lauren Bell

Artist: Lauren Bell

Artist: Lauren Bell

Artist: Lauren Bell

This was the final drawing I completed in class. Over all, I feel like this task was a success.

Artist: Lauren Bell


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