Animated Short Animatic

In total, my team ended up with around 4 animatics for our animated short. This was due to our continually changing ideas/concepts, and general changing of shots.

Animatic One

Our first animatic centred around an elevator and his reluctance to accept a passenger he deemed unattractive and disgusting. To create our animatic, myself and my team arranged shots in a traditional story board format. More information on this animatic can be found in a previous blog post. Here is an image of this work below.

Artist: Lauren Bell

Below is the final animatic.

Animatic Two and Three

After a critique from our tutors, we were advised to significantly change our animation; this resulted in changing our concept of a love story between a vending machine and an elevator, and scrapping our male character. Additionally, we decided to still have an antagonist in our short; several male vending machines would bully our female love interest and our elevator would help her.

Below is a concept image of this idea from a fellow team mate. This sketch explores the concept our team discussed of our elevator character being overly friendly, innocent, and unaware of personal space.
matthew concept
Artist: Matthew Duddy

Below are some of the traditional story boards Glenn drew out for this. This story board explore love at first sight/ infatuation. Furthermore, my team and I explores mise-en-scene differently within this animatic by using abstracted imagery such as flowers to convey femininity, and digital signs to convey the emotions of the elevator.
story board images
Artist:Glenn O’Neill

story board images 2
Artist: Glenn O’Neill

Below are two of the animatics which resulted from this work.

Animatic Four

Upon further critique, my team and I were advised to completely scrap our elevator character and keep our love story between two vending machines; this gave us more flexibility in our story and eliminated character design problems for our elevator and it’s practicality. Below are images of some group work we completed for this exploring shots and concepts.

group work 1
Artist: Lauren Bell

group work 2
Artist: Lauren Bell

Whilst in class, my team and I discussed shot ideas and Matthew drew up a traditional style story board. Here is the image below.


Upon seeing these, I made some backgrounds which reflected my previous set designs.  Furthermore, I used colour to get a better indication as to how they might work in the scene whilst reflecting the design of the university. Here are these studies below.

Shot 1
Artist: Lauren Bell

Shot 2 and 3 - Copy
Artist: Lauren Bell

Shot 4
Artist: Lauren Bell

Shot 5,6,12
Artist: Lauren Bell

Shot 7 and 8
Artist: Lauren Bell

Shot 9
Artist: Lauren Bell

Shot 10
Artist: Lauren Bell

Shot 11
Artist: Lauren Bell

Shot 14
Artist: Lauren Bell

Shot 15
Artist: Lauren Bell

Not all of these images were used in our final animatic but I feel as if they were crucial in the development of our room design and staging.

Below is the final animatic for this concept.


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