Asset Modelling

Why did I create these models?

After creating our set designs, David was in charge of modelling our set, Glenn was in charge of modelling our characters, and I was in charge of modelling general props and furniture. To create more accurate mise-en-scene, I decided to include items such as a fire extinguisher, drinking fountain, a chair, and a table to reflect the items in a university/office building. Additionally, to create more vibrancy within our scene, David recommended we create flowers; this was my favourite thing to model.


The model below probably took me the longest time to create. After watching a tutorial (which I have included further along this post) I played with scale and vertices on a polygon primitive cube to create a petal shape, then I was able to duplicate this into multiple different rows. I also decided to extrude along a line to create the stems, and duplicated my flowers after texturing them.  I used basic polygon primitive cylinders to create my plant pot. This model was based on several reference images below.
flower pot render 2
Artist: Lauren Bell

Below is a model of the crisp packet we duplicated for our vending machine contents. To create this, I took a polygon primitive cube, scaled it to be quite long, wide, and slim. I then increased the divisions and pulled at different vertices to give the illusion of contents within the packet (I left the top and bottom quite slim so that they would appear more like a crisp packet). This packet was later textured with our brands that we created.
crisps render
Artist: Lauren Bell

The model below is a fire extinguisher I created based on an extinguisher in uni. For the most part, the extinguisher was quite easy to make (I used a polygon primitive cylinder for the body) but the most difficult parts we the handles, and the tube in which I had to extrude along a line (I have included the tutorial for this below).
Artist: Lauren Bell

The model below is based on the drinking fountain at university, and I feel that the model accurately mimics this. Once again, I used basic polygon primitives to create this, and I extruded along a line to create the spout.
Artist: Lauren Bell

The model below shows both my flowers and the table I modelled within our set. Similarly to before, my table was based on a table in university and was made using basic polygon primitives.
Artist: Lauren Bell

The image below shows the chairs I modelled within our scene; my chairs were based on the chairs found within the university. I used very basic polygon primitives to create this.
Artist: Lauren Bell


Reference Images:

Fire Extinguisher

Drinking Fountain
fountain reference

flower reference 1



chair reference

table photo

Video Tutorials

The tutorial below helped me thoroughly in learning how to extrude along a curve. To do this, I went to create, Ep Curve tool, front view, drew my curve, back to my normal veiw, create menu, nurbs primitive, and selected interactive creation. I then selected my circle then line, went to my surfaces menu, surfaces, extrude menu, selected tube, selected polygons, then selected extrude. At points in which my model turned black, I simply had to reverse my normals.

The tutorial below was significant in my flower model. Rather than using a plane to create my pedals like the video advised, I used a cube polygon and added divisions; this allowed me to select multiple vertices at once to distort their shape like a petal and eliminated the problems of black faces. The use of row of pedals gave the illusion of business.



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