Lou Romano


Lou Romano is a concept artist/illustrator/actor situated in California. His work has been most influential in animated series such as The Power Puff, Samurai Jack, and Up. What draws me to Romano’s work is his child-like, colourful aesthetic and his ability to visualise scenes and characters in a pleasant way. Additionally, I feel my interest toward Romano is due to feelings of deep nostalgia, and appreciation that his work has greatly influenced my work today. I have decided to look toward him as an artistic reference as I quite like how he conceptualises idea; something I have had to do for my project.

Animations Romano has Worked On

  • Samurai Jack (2017)
  • Paper Man (2012)
  • Up (2009)
  • Jack Jack Attack (2009)
  • Monstors, Inc. (2001)
  • The Power Puff Girls (2000-2001)
  • Dextor’s Laboratory (1996)
  • The Iron Giant (1999)
  • The Little Prince (2015)
  • The Incredibles (2004)

    Tonal Work

    Below is some of Romano’s work for Samurai Jack (2017). I feel like this work greatly impact my tonal work; I quite liked how Romano used black outlines for deatil within his work and this is something I mimicked as a result. Additionally, I quite like the digital nature of his work which is why I also did this. And finally, I liked the use of foreground, mid-ground, and background.
    lou 1
    Artist: Lou Romano
    lou 3
    Artist: Lou Romano

    lou 4
    Artist: Lou Romano

    Artist: Lou Romano

    Room Design

    Below are some of my favourite room focused drawings that Romano completed for The Shadow King (2010-12(Cancelled)). As I had to design the interior of our set, I found this to be of great use. I especially appreciated the way in which Romano uses particular digital brushes to look like traditional art.

    lou 5lou 6

    lou 7

    Up Concepts

    I was first drawn to Romano’s work upon seeing concepts from up. I particularly like how his digital work appears quite traditional, and how he translates the whimsical/emotional themes within Up.

    up 2up 3up 4up


    Romano’s main forms of media seem to be gouache and digital drawing. What is interesting about this is how his art pieces look rather similar in style and texture despite being drawn from different mediums. Additionally, I found his use of materials relevant to myself as these would be my preferred mediums also.





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