Colour Studies

Soon after I completed some studies exploring set design based on Ulster University for our short, a fellow team mate created these designs in Maya. Below are these models.

david render 2
Artist: David Pollock

David render
Artist: David Pollock

Upon seeing the above models, I decided to recreate some of my previous designs by including some tone and colour. These tones were based on the purples and yellows in which David had used. To complete these drawings I used the original colours I found in photographs of the university and then added ambient colour with a lower opacity.

room colour
Artist: Lauren Bell

room colour 2
Artist: Lauren Bell

room colour 3
Artist: Lauren Bell

Additionally, earlier in our animated short process, I decided to do some work digitally, however, this work was based on previous concept ideas. This drawing can be found below.

Edward the elevator
Artist: Lauren Bell


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