Character Design

What is the task? For life drawing, my class had been met with the assignment to create a character, focusing … More


Below is some of the art work that I have completed over the course of the semester. This work ranges … More

Head and Facial Structure

Below are some drawing I created based on reference photos online, but also from George Bridgmen’s book ‘Constructive Anatomy’. Both … More

Life Drawing Week 8

The drawings below were completed in class on 27-4-17. The start of this class centred on drawing our models forms … More

Life Drawing Week 7

The images below are from my life drawing class on 6-4-17. Like most weeks, the first half of my class … More

Life Drawing Week 6

I completed these drawings 30-3-17. I feel as if this was one of my more successful weeks as my drawings … More

Drawing Hands

These drawings were based on my last life drawing task. I found ‘The Book of a Hundred Hands’ by George … More

Photoshop Research

Below are some video tutorials I watched on drawing within photo shop. The video below encouraged me to repeatedly redraw … More

Life Drawing Week 5

I completed these drawings in class on 23-3-17. The start of this class focused on drawing the form of the … More